The Original Edition 530g

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HoneyJoy’s first product, The Original Edition, is 530 grams of pure, raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unadulterated honey.

Made of 100% raw honey near Melbourne, The Original Edition is an absolute treat for you, your family, and friends.

Feel the difference of this natural, local honey.

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Ute M.
Excellent Honey

The whole family just loves it, So delicious !

Australia Australia
The best I have tasted

Just purchased 6 jars, yep six. Taste is awesome.

Ute M.
Australia Australia
Excellent Honey

This honey is very special as it has got very natural flavours and one can imagine where the bees have collected their nectar from! We all love it, the Martin Family

Sophie T.
Australia Australia
Delicious Honey

Thank you for my Honey. It tastes amazing on toast and I have a honey drink a couple times a day because I love the taste.

Australia Australia
Pure organic honey

This honey is incredible! No additives, just pure honey made by hardworking bees. We keep this honey aside to eat by the spoonful. Highly recommend!

Why Use Raw Honey

Raw natural honey has stood the test of time.

For millennia, cultures around the world, including the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Chinese, have fallen for raw honey’s amazing thick texture, sweet taste, and natural healing properties.

The moment the first spoon of pure honey connects with your tongue, you will instantly feel the difference between natural honey and what you buy in the supermarkets.

Made up of 70–80 per cent natural sugar with the rest being water, minerals, and protein, raw Australian honey is simply a must-have.

Studies have shown that raw honey has many health benefits including:

  • antioxidant properties
  • wound-healing effects
  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • anti-bacterial properties

Fresh honey, like our Original Edition, contains nutrients and is free of any additives. Our honey comes straight from the comb as will be evident when you feel its pure taste.

What You Can Do With Raw Honey

Drizzle our smooth, flavourful lavenderish honey on your hot buttered toast.

Use it as a natural sweetener in your favourite hot beverage.

Add it to your cereal for an amazing breakfast blend.

Or, just eat a spoonful to enjoy the pure flavour of raw honey!

Perfect year-round, our raw honey also makes a great natural throat soother, cough suppressant, and helps your overall wellbeing.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

100% raw Australian honey.

Nutrition information

Made in Australia label


If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your HoneyJoy product, you can keep the full jar on us and we’ll refund your money. Anything after the first jar, we’ll ask that you return for a refund.