Honey Dipper


Our honey dipper sticks are made of wood and come in two sizes – 8cm and 16cm.

Honey dipper is used to drizzle honey on bread, cheese, or other foods.

Our honey drizzler makes pouring honey easy and mess free.

The minimum order is 2 dippers.

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Frequently Bought Together

Honey drizzler + The Original Edition raw honey + Red gum honey
Price for all: $55.96

Why Use a Honey Dipper

Honey dipper is a practical kitchen utensil that makes it easy and mess-free to spread honey.

A honey dipper also known as a honey stick has deep grooves on top that allow you to ladle the perfect amount of honey from a jar and then spread the honey over your toast, favourite biscuit, or add the honey to tea or coffee.

You can use honey dippers for more than just honey. It’s an excellent drizzling tool for syrups, jams, and many other spreads.

Honey dipper also makes an excellent gift.

Honey Stick or Dipper: How to Use

Using a honey stick is easy and there is no one way of doing it. However, here is how we like to use the honey dipper:

First, dip the honey stirrer into your jar (we recommend red gum honey).

Then immerse the tip of the honey dipper in honey.

Twist the handle of your honey stick and lift it out of the jar slowly while continuing to twist.

To drip honey, stop twisting and gravity will take it from there. The honey will continually flow. Move the stick around to spread the honey over the desired area.

Honey Drizzler: How to Wash

You should always hand wash your honey stick. Make sure to dry it straight after washing to maintain durability.


Your new wooden honey dipper sticks are made with 100% natural wood, food-grade safe.

Honey Dipper, Honey Drizzler, Honey Stick, Honey Stirrer: Which One Is It?

If you read this far, you might have noticed that we have used a few different terms to describe a honey dipper…or honey drizzler. Dipper, drizzler, stick, or stirrer, it refers to the same thing – that little kitchen utensil that makes your honey spreading experience that much better!

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