Brighten your day with our selection of beeswax candles. Choose from votive candles, rolled beeswax candles, or pillar and taper candles from HoneyJoy.

  • Beeswax candleVotive beeswax candle

    Votive Beeswax Candle

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  • Prayer candleChurch candles

    Orthodox Candles Taper 27cm x 10

  • Tealight candlesHoneyJoy tealights

    Tealight Candles Beeswax

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  • HoneyJoy Candle extinguisher Sale! Candle snuffer

    Candle Snuffer

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  • Pillar candleHoneyJoy pillar

    Pillar Candle Beeswax 15cm

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  • Candles taperHoneyJoy tapers

    Taper Candles Beeswax 22cm

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  • Handrolled beeswax candlesBeeswax dinner candles

    Hand Rolled Beeswax Dinner Candles 20cm

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